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Project: Professional coaching for childcare team leaders

Organisation: City of Stonnington

Project date: 2013 – 2015

This project aims to build the capacity of Council’s Children and Family Services team leaders to undertake their role using a group coaching methodology. Team leaders participate in monthly group coaching sessions over a period of 12 months. Coaching sessions use a solution-focused approach in relation to a common topic area or shared goal. This focuses on what is working well and areas for improvement, though a collaborative approach to exploring options and potential next steps. It recognises the different contexts and circumstances in which team leaders work, and their unique and varied experience, expertise and available resources. As such, action steps towards identified goals may vary, according to personal preference.


A critical component of the coaching approach is the use of strengths to support goal attainment, enhance workplace performance and promote greater well-being. This draws on compelling evidence base detailing the benefits of using strengths in the workplace. Team leaders completed a Realise2 strengths assessment and received an individual debriefing ahead of the group coaching sessions. This assisted them to better understand and use their strengths, and to engage more fully in their leadership role. Team leaders will also complete pre and post measures that align with the project objective and have demonstrated reliability and validity. This data will be used in a final evaluation, to determine changes over time and measure progress towards the project objective.