Change management

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Project:            Change management

Organisation:   Victorian Government

Project date:    2011 – 2013

The Victorian Government sought the expertise of Semann & Slattery to provide change management training to a range of their directly delivered and government funded programs.

In delivering this program Semann & Slattery developed and delivered change management training workshops in 9 regions across Victoria. The program was delivered in two parts. In 2011, 9 full day courses were offered across Victoria. Following on from the success of this program. In 2012 -€“ 2013 the Victorian Government reengaged Semann & Slattery to offer an additional 9 full day program to further support change management initiatives. Prior to the delivery of the 2012-2013 program participants were involved in teleconferencing opportunities to support their participation and learning. Pre-workshop learning materials and change management tools were developed to enhance the ongoing learning.