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Project:           Developing a Strategic Plan

Organisation:  Mission Australia Victoria

Project date:   2014

This project resulted in the development a strategic plan that outlines the long-term direction of the City of Greater Dandenong Communities for Children (CfC) Committee as part of their shared responsibility to improve outcomes for children and families living in Greater Dandenong. The strategic plan has been informed by the perspectives and priorities of child and family service providers through a consultative process that included focus groups and an on-line survey. It has a specific focus on children and families who are vulnerable, at risk, or living in disadvantaged communities.


The plan builds of the successes of the previous strategic plan, and identifies the current strengths of CfC funded projects in addition to the challenges to be overcome. It has been written as a working document, and will be regularly reviewed in collaboration with the CfC Committee and community partners. This will ensure it continues to reflect the current and emerging priorities and needs of children and families in Greater Dandenong.