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Project:          Exploring Educational Leadership Research Project

Organisation: Communities at Work and Children’s Services Central

Date:              2013

Educational settings are in part affected by shifting policies in anticipation of driving educational improvements. As such monitoring and supporting these critical changes can present challenges for administrators leaders and teachers. To this end, Semann & Slattery and our research partner Macquarie University were funded to undertake a research project to review the role of educational leadership across educational settings.

The research had two overarching purposes:

  1. To understand evolving conceptions of educational leadership
  2. Investigate the nature of leadership initiatives incorporating practitioner inquiry as a facilitative tool to develop the role of the educational leader.

The aims of this research initiative was to:

  • Explore the diverse ways in which educational leadership is understood
  • Identify the decision making processes involved in educational leadership
  • Unpack the expectations regarding the role of educational leadership
  • Provide support, guidance and professional learning to educational leaders through supported networks.

Study components associated with each of the research aims were as follows:

  1. An online survey was employed across NSW and the ACT
  2. Survey respondents were invited to volunteer to participate in a series of six intensive workshops targeting educational leaders
  3. Two focus groups were held in each site one for educational leaders and one for non educational leaders
  4. Facilitated monthly meetings were utilised using a practitioner inquiry approach over a six month period in both NSW and the ACT
  5. Identification of the impact of project interventions in supporting the role of the educational leaders was part of an ongoing analysis

The findings from this research project have been presented at international conferences as well as a number of publications in peer reviewed and non peer reviewed journals and periodicals