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Project:            Development of a leadership capability framework

Organisation:   City of Melbourne

Project date:    2012-2013

Semann & Slattery were engaged by the City of Melbourne to develop a leadership capability framework in order to support effective leadership during unprecedented times of change. Specifically this research project aimed to:

  • Analyse the current state of leadership
  • Identify any gaps and opportunities in relation to leadership
  • Advise on a future direction for leadership
  • Identify a program for leadership development of staff
  • Make recommendations for a recruitment strategy and implementation of the leadership capability framework.

In meeting these objectives, the research team employed a number of methodological processes including:

  1. Interviewing organisational leaders
  2. Development, dissemination and analysis of a leadership survey
  3. Presentation of findings from individual interviews and survey to leaders and senior management
  4. Development of leadership capability framework

The impact of the leadership capability framework has provided the organisation with a solid focus on understanding and assessing organisational leadership. The framework has provided scope in developing the skills of both existing and new leaders.