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Project title:          Policy Review

Organisation:       City of Sydney

Project Date:        2014

Policies and procedures must reflect current legal requirements and standards, be congruent with actual practices amongst staff, and be written in such a way that users are able to understand them. For Local Government the documentation of what they do and why they do it can also facilitate consistent delivery of quality services, ensure organisational accountability and serve as a tool for liability risk management.


When to review policies and procedures and how to best execute the process, however, warrants serious consideration. Not surprisingly, organisations, especially large and expanding ones, can find the review process a time consuming, costly, and even daunting task.


Semann and Slattery has a wealth of experience in policy development, implementation, and review, and has published extensively on matters relevant to Local Government.


Engaging with our extensive skillset in this area, the City of Sydney Policies project involves a comprehensive review of policy and procedure documents determining whether:


  • Policies and procedures are still required or if they should be integrated elsewhere
  • The purpose and aim of the policy is still being achieved
  • Changes are required to improve the effectiveness or clarity of the policy and procedures
  • Amendments need to be made to bring policies and procedures in line with current legislation and standards


Wherever possible, Semann and Slattery are assisting the City of Sydney in developing policies common across the organisation, providing a consistency of purpose and philosophy. Supplementing this overarching policy manual, however, is the creation of specific service stream procedures. This is done through a consultative process, which brings together the perspectives, and contributions of staff from multiple business units to ensure specified procedures are in place.


This methodology will produce a functional and serviceable policy manual for all staff and ensure adequate control and ease of updating for management.