Social capital

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Project:                        Schools as Banks for Social Capital

Organisation:               Mission Australia

Project date:                2012 – 2014

The Schools as Banks for Building Social Capital (SBSC) project aims to develop capacity between services and schools through outreach activities. Described as ‘a large community partners project’, the project aims to explore the potential to build a local collaborative approach to linking families to the range of child and family services through the relationships between schools and families.

Two Victorian schools are participating in the project with Semann & Slattery and are developing the conceptual framework and are undertaking the evaluation over a two-year period. Participating agencies and organisations will have the opportunity to learn about how schools work and identify barriers and factors that enhance school engagement with services that support their communities.

The intended influence of this project is to:

  • Establish strong connections between schools and a range of community organisations, government agencies as well as facilitate opportunities for strong interagency collaboration.
  • Establish a platform to allow local services to seek funding from other sources.
  • Identify and support opportunities to connect families at two local schools to services and programs to support learning, health and wellbeing of children and families.
  • Facilitate dialogue between the State and Catholic education systems and other local key planning and service delivery organisations.
  • Strengthen the relationship between service providers/organisations and with individual schools to deliver innovative arrangements to connect families to services and programs in the local community.
  • For the schools in the project to continue to build social capital with and between families and the community.