Team development

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Project:                        Team and Leadership Development

Organisation:               OAC Leadership Academy

Project date:                2013 – ongoing

Semann & Slattery were awarded a competitive tender to deliver the inaugural leadership development program for the OAC Leadership Academy.  This included delivering leadership development to four tiers of the organisation including:

  1. Senior leaders
  2. Second in charge
  3. Emerging leaders
  4. Customer service team

Full day course modules included:

Strong Leadership

  • Setting and maintaining the vision
  • Motivation
  • Role modeling
  • Technical and professional knowledge
  • Goal setting
  • Delegating tasks

Leading effective teams

  • Effective team work
  • Managing a team
  • Building respectful relationships
  • Accountability and reaching goals

Conflict management and effective communication

  • Stress management
  • Effective communication
  • Effective conflict management within a team
  • Effective communication and conflict management with clients

Coaching for the performance

  • Purpose of coaching
  • Building performance relationships
  • Staff appraisals
  • Professionalism and confidentiality

Organisational management

  • Customer service
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Business acumen &€“ strategy and planning
  • Accountability and ownership

Managing Change

  • Mapping change
  • Assessing readiness to change
  • Developing change goals
  • Developing a change management plan
  • Managing self and others through change