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Project:                Evaluation of Every Girl

Organisation:       YWCA

Project date:        2012

Every Girl is for girls ages 9-14 years from disadvantaged communities to achieve positive change, enable the development of strong self worth, growth in confidence, and to decrease bullying and stereotypes. Using a strengths based approach and a human rights framework, this cutting edge program guides girls to create new areas of resilience, and to help them find their voice through civic and community engagement.

Objectives for Every Girl

  • To strengthen participant’s perception of their ability to influence community change.
  • To strengthen their understanding of human rights.
  • To foster their sense of belonging to a community
  • To identify the community as a new source of resilience.
  • To promote participant’€™s self-esteem in moral-ethical or behavioural dimension (strengths based approach).

Evaluation project objectives included:

  • Review existing evaluative framework in the context of current best practice methodologies, shared RBA work across the national movement, and reporting structures
  • Develop framework/process for longitudinal data collection (please note we have no budget allocation for this long-term)
  • Provide advice on high level reporting themes and how to best to integrate them into the YWCA Australia website for evaluation reporting