Documenting Children’s Learning: Observations and Programming – The Challenges and the Opportunities

Documenting Children's Learning: Observations and Programming - The Challenges and the Opportunities

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Do you feel like you are slowly being consumed by the number and variety of educational records being kept in your program? Daily diaries, educational programs, observations, photos, reflective diaries, wall panels, development summaries, portfolios, checklists etc., all have become a part of everyday practice in programs being offered to children. However, has the increased number of documents and workload led to better outcomes for children and have these documents meet their desired outcomes? During this workshop, participants will review, unpack and reconsider the ways in which documentation can support educators, rather than leading to greater levels of anxiety.

Some of the key elements of the day will be:

  • What is documentation
  • What are the requirements of the National Quality Standard
  • How might documentation support educators to improve their practices
  • Essential components of documentation
  • Developing the skills and knowledge to create documentation

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