Birth to three: Routines, relationships and responsibilities

Birth to three: Routines, relationships and responsibilities


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Stop worrying about the routine on the wall and start focusing on where all the action is down on the floor. This workshop is aimed at developing not only the skills but, more importantly, the intent of educators working with the youngest children in our educational settings. You will be challenged to examine your beliefs and expectations around what matters, and how you can achieve high level program outcomes through meaningful engagement and trusting relationships with not only the children, but also with each other and with families.


Over the day we will unpack:

  • Developing a program that is responsive and adaptive to the individual needs of the infants
  • Making documentation meaningful and valuable to both yourself, children and families
  • How to work as a team to achieve high level outcomes for all
  • Creating unique environments, which are more than simply a watered down preschool program
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the importance you can make in a child’s development through life changing bonds and interactions

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