Moving beyond activities: How to make project work with children happen

Moving beyond activities: How to make project work with children happen


Working with children on projects has become recognised as an effective strategy to engage young minds and support children to flourish. When teachers implement a project approach successfully, children can be highly motivated, feel actively involved in their own learning, and produce work of a high quality. Children feel valued as their curiosity and sense of inquiry is nurtured and extended. Possibilities for learning are endless as groups of children work together with a deep exploration of ideas while working collaboratively as a group. Another potential benefit of the project approach for young children is the readiness with which parents can become interested and involved in the children’s learning. This workshop will unpack several types of projects as examples of possibility.


Participants will gain a further understanding in:

  • How to begin
  • Different approaches to project work
  • The variable and flexible frameworks of projects
  • How to make project work part of every day practice
  • Planning for projects
  • Learning environments and materials that support inquiry and invite children to think deeply
  • The role of the teacher in guiding children’s learning
  • Documenting and making learning visible from both an individual and group perspective
  • The process of children co-constructing knowledge and meaning making
  • Strengthening children’s learning dispositions
  • Processes that inspire higher level thinking
  • How curriculum goals and standards can be met and surpassed
  • How we can learn as teachers and researchers alongside children

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