And now you are the room leader: Essential skills for successful room leadership

And now you are the room leader: Essential skills for successful room leadership


Have you recently been appointed as room leader or been in the role for some time? Do you find yourself having to make the tough decisions but experience some reluctance in doing so? Can you see potential for change in your room but struggle to bring the team with you? Do you find it challenging to motivate and understand the various behaviours of the colleagues you lead in your room? Do you know how to work in collaboration with other room leaders and your director to bring out the best in your centre?


Being a room leader means leading and managing your classroom and the people who work with you. It can be a difficult and challenging role as many room leaders have no formal training in leadership, but yet are very good teachers of young children.


This all day workshop will give participants the information and confidence they need to be an effective room leader, whether you have been in early childhood for a long time or are relatively new. We will share with you stories of success, strategies to help you become the best room leader you can be and provide you with some great tools that allow you to succeed now and into the future. 


Some of the topics covered over the day will include:

  • Leading effective conversations and discussions
  • Setting clear goals and attaining them
  • Strategies for putting the right team together
  • How to support best practices with our team members
  • Setting up an environment and team based on accountability and integrity
  • Effectively managing change

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