Intentional Teaching – the what and how

Intentional Teaching - the what and how


Have you been wondering about your intentional teaching and what it really is? Have you ever wondered how to record your intentional teaching? Is it a moment or an all the time affair? All these questions are important to the educator who is wanting to understand what intentional teaching might mean for them. During the session we will pull apart and co-construct our knowledge of what intentional teaching is, what it means for educators every day and how it can be documented.

Some of the key elements of the day will be:

  • The key ingredients of intentional teaching 

  • Definition of intentional teaching and exploration of how it is woven into the framework 

  • What does intentional teaching look like for all learning spaces 

  • Review essential components that critical thinking educators need to effectively document their intentional teaching 

  • Develop a knowledge base enabling educators to get the most impact from intentional teaching and their documentation

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