So I’ve got one of those: supporting the rights of children with special needs

So I’ve got one of those: supporting the rights of children with special needs


“Every child deserves a champion”. Inclusive practices and an understanding of how to successfully engage in them can affect dramatic changes in a child’s and family’s life. All children have the right to an equitable and genuine curriculum, based on professional reflective practices and honest engagement.

What are our true understandings of a child's potential and passions? How can we understand what the child is telling us through their actions? What’s in a label? What is the current research and theories around inclusive pedagogy? And, are we using intentional teaching practices which support the children families and educators to achieve highly successful outcomes through daily practices. 

Topics to be covered in over day will be:

  • Why is inclusive practice important, and who benefits
  • Engaging in critical documentation which support the identification and understanding of the needs
  • What do I do once I think I’ve identified something?
  • Supporting family friendly practices,
  • This is not a one person show, utilising co-educators in supporting practices
  • Communicating and working with outside agency supporting services.


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