Re-imagining outdoor spaces and curriculum

Re-imagining outdoor spaces and curriculum

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Outdoors can often be the poor cousin when it comes to planning, setting up learning spaces, what is noticed by educators or in documenting children’s learning. It is interesting that outdoors for many children is where they prefer to be. So, what can be learnt from this, and how do we respond with the energy that should be given to the outdoor curriculum?

This workshop will delve into the many possibilities of the pedagogy of the outdoors, together with practical examples and tips of how to reinvigorate outdoor learning spaces. The answer is not purchasing new equipment, but about the thinking around the space and materials that you have.

There will be a focus on:

  • gaining a stronger understanding of the benefits of outdoor learning
  • the special characteristics of well-designed outdoor spaces- how to create an environment full of irresistible spaces, materials and experiences that have opportunities for children to be creative and inventive
  • supporting children to make meaning of their experiences through a reflective process and how to make this visible in various forms.
  • how to support children to believe in themselves through the design of the outdoor space
  • how to include children in design and set up of outdoor spaces
  • unpacking risky play and its significance for long term cognitive success
  • finding authentic connections with nature- no matter where you are
  • the role of the educator in the outdoors 
  • embedding sustainable practices
  • finding solutions to challenges as a community of learners

Participants will return to their workplace invigorated, with a an additional set of ideas, but importantly with a new lens on outdoor learning. 

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