Documentation ain’t a dirty word – making it your friend not your enemy

Documentation ain't a dirty word - making it your friend not your enemy

This course is an extension on documenting children's learning to extend your thinking about the ways we can make the learning visible.

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Mention the word documentation and people’s reactions are often one of negativity. Comments such as, “it takes us away from the children’, “it takes too much time”, “I don’t really see the point”, are common responses and sentiments.

This workshop is an opportunity to reset the balance, with a focus on the benefits and purpose of documentation, whilst making it achievable. 

Through a variety of examples from practice and dialogue, participants will gain an insight into the purpose of educational documentation and how it can be a useful and supportive tool to:

  • gain an insight into how children are learning
  • track the journey travelled of the child
  • make visible the learning of individuals and groups
  • support the connection with community
  • advocate for the hopes and beliefs for children, families and communities
  • be an effective form of professional learning

Participants will have an opportunity to play with different ways of documenting, share resources and add to their toolkit of ideas that support a systematic, effective way of the art of documenting children’s learning.


Participants will walk away with a whole new attitude to documentation; not viewing it as a chore or a requirement, but as a positive strategy that can energise and inform their practice.

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