The power and politics of play based learning…. is play enough?

The power and politics of play based learning.... is play enough?


Is play the best way to learn and how might we engage critically in play based learning. We often hear statements like ‘children learn through play’ and ‘we offer a play based program’…but is this really the best way for children to learn and could there be any other ways of learning alongside play based learning. Developing a thorough understanding of children’s learning maximises the ways in which educators can assist the child in their learning journey as well as ensuring that the child’s time in an educational setting is not wasted.

Another challenge is when play based learning is espoused to families they can often walk away thinking ‘is that all they do’. Play based learning has some challenges associated with it however let’s not abandon hope.

During this session we will explore the following:

  • What is the role of play based learning in early childhood education
  • What theories underpin play based learning
  • How do we maximise children’s educational outcomes through play
  • How to set up learning environments which support play based learning
  • The role adults can play in children’s play
  • The challenges and opportunities play based learning offer both children and educators.

This inspiring course will leave you thinking differently about play as well as leaving you with new ways of thinking about play. You will develop the language to advocate for the sector regarding the ways in which play based learning operates in both the indoors and outdoors. Play should be playful but it should also be intentional. 

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