A taste of art

A taste of art

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This fun, practical and inspiring session will have educators thinking differently about ‘art and craft’ and why art based programs matter in early years settings. You don't need to be a qualified artist to facilitate art based learning and experiences for children, however an increase in confidence and some knowledge of art is a great place to start. For many educators their reluctance to engage deeply with the arts stems from a lack of confidence and the practical skills required to engage with art materials. But fear not, we have the course that you have been looking for to assist you in your learning journey.

During this action packed day, topics covered will include:

  • The role art plays in children’s learning and development.
  • An introduction to nature art
  • Engaging with digital technology in a way that is creative and appropriate
  • Understanding basic colour theory and exploring it through paint

This session is open to educators who feel they lack confidence with creative ideas and art materials. Experienced educators will engage more deeply with visual arts practice. As the title suggests this session is a taster and it will balance a range of key art and education theory with lots of hands on activities.

There will be a little bit of mess and lots of laughs. Greater creative confidence and changed thinking about what can be done to enhance your curriculum is guaranteed! 

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