Will a stencil destroy a child’s creativity? Re-thinking arts and creativity in early childhood

Will a stencil destroy a child's creativity? Re-thinking arts and creativity in early childhood

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“I believe art should have a central place in an early childhood setting” - this workshop will explore both the barriers and the enablers around building children’s identities as artists.  There are many debates around ‘process versus product’ and sometimes these discussions can obscure the picture and limit the possibilities. 


Art is about many things including: wonder and discovery, art appreciation,

artistic and perceptual awareness, observation and close attention, cognitive and affective growth, and the development of artistic skills.  It involves a wide range of experiences including: drawing, painting, clay work, needlecraft, sewing, mosaics, print making, construction work and visiting art galleries. But first and foremost we want children to explore art in a way that will engage them in creative experiences in the world of art and strengthen their image of themselves as being creative. We will consider the ways in which art can be assessed and documented. Examples of Learning Stories will be shared that illuminate the child’s journey with art and show how we can nurture the foundation of artistic engagement in children for the rest of their lives. Come to this workshop with an open mind, keeping imagination and creativity in the front frame - it will provide opportunities to add to your insights about children’s art and creativity. 

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