2018 Preschool Conference: re-discovering the buzz

2018 Preschool Conference: re-discovering the buzz

  • Feb 23
    Fri 6:00 PM - Sat 4:00 PM Newtown 2 days
    • $275.00 incl. GST
    Session information
    Evening Networking Event
    Fri 23 Feb 18:00 - Fri 23 Feb 21:00
    2018 Conference day
    Sat 24 Feb 09:00 - Sat 24 Feb 16:00

Remember the feeling you had on your first day in your preschool – a feeling of respect and amazement. You knew you were faced with something wonderful and possibly frightening. That is the feeling of awe. Awe for the trust being placed in you and awe for the possibilities that could occur in this special place.

Sometimes the ’buzz’ you felt needs to be re-awakened, rediscovered.

That is what this one day/ one night conference is designed to do. To help you re-discover the ‘buzz’.

Keynote topics include:          

  • Children and re-discovery.
  • New Beginnings, new passions
  • The power of early education


  • Teaching maths in the every day
  • Teaching in the outdoors
  • Art renewed
  • Self-neglect: not an option
  • Behaviours that are hard
  • Creating a beautiful office space – lessons from decluttering

 Panel: Caring for staff, caring for children, caring for self.

FINAL Workshop presenters, panellists and keynote speakers to be announced.