The culture of your organisation is so very important to work life and productivity.

Measuring it wrong or being an ostrich about the facts of the matter means you maybe spelling it with a ‘€˜k’€™!

Being honest, switched on and proactive about it means you likely spell it with a ‘c’!

So how do we move, understand or accurately measure the culture of our organisation?

Firstly, we have to be BRAVE.

Be ready to learn, appropriate and renew. Don’€™t tamper with your evidence before you collect it. Being brave means you ask, observe and reflect before you take any transforming action. Be ready and open about the feedback. It may not be great or what you were hoping for. However, by being open you will be ready; come what may!

So what kind of evidence do we look at which tells us about culture? BEHAVIOUR.

Look at the everyday, unsolicited behaviour of the team and the clients. When observing this kind of behaviour, you are observing culture in action. To collect your data, use a survey, use observations, use 360 degree feedback! Whatever you use, make sure it provides space of open honest reflection. Sometimes anonymity can serve you well in this learning moment.

Look for it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember: OPENNESS is key. No anxiety about the results please!

Now that you have the data, ask yourself; How does this behaviour measure against your organisational values? Be sure to ask a few people to reflect on the evidence collected to gather a range of insights. This will help you accurately measure the culture of your organisation. You might even like to take the summary of the data to the team for their feedback and their solutions to bring about change.

The results of your analysis will then determine your action. Remember to use Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely goals to drive the change. This SMART tool will hold everyone accountable to the process.

Once you have actioned your SMART goals; STOP, LISTEN COLLABORATE and OBSERVE. Look for the new data, the new behaviour to see how you have succeeded in transforming your organisational culture.

I dare say, you’€™ll be spelling CULTURE with a ‘c’€™ in no time!


About the Author

Colin Slattery is a Director and founder of Semann & Slattery. He has held a range of senior executive positions with government agencies, the private sector and non-government organisations for 15 years. For the last 13 years Colin has been highly sought after as a change facilitator and coach for individuals and organisations. His unique leadership coaching and mentoring style encourages participants to embrace change on a personal level enabling positive change to occur on a professional business level.