15 Jul 2015
July 15, 2015

Vivienne Obeid

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Vivienne is an administrator at Semann & Slattery. Vivienne has held a number of positions in business administration for over 20 years. She is a highly organised, efficient and effective administrator. Vivienne brings essential skills and experience to the company including particular expertise in accounting, finance, administration systems, customer service, communication and quality assurance standards. Vivienne has developed and introduced a range of efficiency programs to the organisation. These contribute to Vivienne’€™s ability to successfully meet the needs of our clients and also maintain the organisations high level of quality to client service.


About the Author

Colin Slattery is a Director and founder of Semann & Slattery. He has held a range of senior executive positions with government agencies, the private sector and non-government organisations for 15 years. For the last 13 years Colin has been highly sought after as a change facilitator and coach for individuals and organisations. His unique leadership coaching and mentoring style encourages participants to embrace change on a personal level enabling positive change to occur on a professional business level.