Teams! Your team! Your people, your staff are YOUR greatest asset.  This is the fact of the matter.  There are no maybes or perhaps about it! Your team is your greatest resource!

Ask yourself you do have a great team? Have you created a great team?

Selecting and managing your team is one of the most important roles a leader has. It impacts your work life, it impacts your teams ability to function, it impacts your organisational culture and it impacts company productivity.

So here are a few questions for you to think about or action or be inspired or be challenged by:

1. So you consider your team as your greatest asset? if so how do you show this?

2. How much time do you dedicate to selecting your team?

3. How do you select your team?  (Hint: traditional interviews rarely get you your dream team member)

4. Do you consider selecting the right team members one of your MOST important jobs?

5. Do you know what kind of team member you really need/want?

6. Do you have a strategy that will find you that person?

7. What are you going to do strengthen your team?

8. How are you identifying the weaknesses? What are you going to do about them?

Once you have answered these questions and begun to explore your reflections make sure you create a plan of action to either improve the quality of your team or begin strengthening it.

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Key point: Your team is your greatest asset – never ignore this under any circumstances. Therefore your team require your focussed attention and expertise every day.

About the Author

Colin Slattery is a Director and founder of Semann & Slattery. He has held a range of senior executive positions with government agencies, the private sector and non-government organisations for 15 years. For the last 13 years Colin has been highly sought after as a change facilitator and coach for individuals and organisations. His unique leadership coaching and mentoring style encourages participants to embrace change on a personal level enabling positive change to occur on a professional business level.