Our Company

Semann & Slattery has been creating change for 20+ years. We are different. People value us. They love our work, our passion and our uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation and social justice. We teach that education and knowledge has the power to transform.

What we believe

We live our work. This bleeds through every course we present, research we do, or coaching we conduct. And we understand that most people want to love their work, just like we do. People want their work to matter. Want to leave the world a better place because of what they did while they were here.

And this is what we enable. What we work towards. We want to help people and organisations learn about who they are and want organisations to learn about themselves and their employees.

We are teachers. We value what individuals do because we are passionate about the power of people. But we also know that some organisations have growth yet to take place. That’s where we come in. We believe quality can be taught and learnt.

We are evidence nuts. We want the facts because then what is done is based on what is. That helps what will be, be right. Just because our clients work with people, and people are (let’s face it) inherently messy, doesn’t mean evidence is not present. Our expertise is in uncovering that evidence, analysing it and communicating those insights to help clients know where they should go next.

Our work changes people. What they believe. How they think and fundamentally how they act.When you change people, you change their organisations. When you change organisations, you help to change the world. This is what Semann & Slattery is ultimately about. Changing the world to make it fairer, so that nobody misses out.

(By the way, we live our work, but after, we also love to play!)

About Anthony

  •  Master of Arts with Merit (Sociology & Social Policy)
  •  Bachelor of Education
  • Certificate IV (Workplace Assessment and Training)
  • Accredited Hogan Assessor

Anthony Semann is primarily a presenter and researcher. His ability to deliver inspirational conference key notes and facilitate innovative and transformative professional development programs is renowned. His background is in education, research and management – in government, corporate and community based organisations.

Anthony’s expertise as a researcher and his specialist knowledge of early education has seen him work across Australia, Asia, Europe, America , France and New Zealand. He has delivered hundreds of key notes and papers at conferences and over 15,000 professional development programs over the last 20 years.

Anthony challenges organisations and people. He asks them to reflect. To ask how their communication, their leadership, their values, their relationships and their workplace culture and diversity affect what they do. He asks them to reflect because it is these things that affect their services, businesses and ultimately the community.

About Colin

  • Graduate Certificate Science (Statistics)
  • Master of Organisational Coaching with Merit
  • Graduate Diploma of Management (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)
  • Certificate IV (Assessment and Training)
  • Accredited Hogan Assessor & MLQ Facilitator

Colin Slattery is primarily a leadership coach and change facilitator. He specialises in organisational development, group facilitation, personal development, coaching, psychometric assessment, leadership assessment, leadership training and community engagement.

Colin is in high demand to coach and mentor employees, especially in change management situations because of his experience as a senior executive with government agencies and in large non-government organisations. And because of his compassion, his warmth and his capacity to discern quickly.

Colin pushes clients to do better. To understand why their staff work in the ways they do and to ask if that knowledge can be used to assist them to go further, do better and perform in the best way possible. He creates knowledge within organisations to improve organisations.

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