Giving and receiving great feedback


What's the secret of giving great feedback and being able to receive it too? We know a culture of effective feedback is critical to effective team functioning. However, we are also aware that this presents itself with some challenges, but the investment in building a culture of feedback is worth it.

This webinar will introduce you to the core components of effective feedback. How you might respond to this feedback when on the receiving end, but more importantly, how to deliver feedback to people you work with and lead.

Completing Giving and receiving great feedback may contribute one hour of PD that aligns with the NESA (NSW) criteria for Elective PD and addresses:

The Australian Professional Teaching Standards: Professional engagement: APTS 7: Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

The Early Years Learning Framework: Principle: Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Alignment with the National Quality Standards: QA 4: Staffing arrangements


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