Contemporary Curriculum Club 2023 with ANTHONY SEMANN & DR RED RUBY SCARLET (online encounter)


The Contemporary Curriculum Club is a participatory and reflective community aimed at enhancing understandings of contemporary curriculum. Designed to explore new ideas, the CC Club will also play with risky ideas that influence and enhance and transform curriculum. We aim to keep the rigour in curriculum alive through discussion and practices, which are often rare to find these days when conversation regarding compliance and adherence tends to be the norm. We understand that we work in a challenging and changing landscape. This, however, should not be a reason for us to become complacent in our thinking. So, do you yearn to be part of something unique that values deep learning, creates innovation to sculpture surprising ways of living reflective practice, critical reflection and recognising the power of theory in practice? Come prepared to be dazzled and challenged in this 9-part club to investigate the bee in your curriculum bonnet!

Some ideas we will be exploring include:

  • Curriculum design and planning
  • Pedagogy and practice
  • Documentation and assessment
  • Reflective and critical thinking and practice
  • Theories in practice 

Be prepared to learn new knowledge—shift your practice, share what you know, recognise how you learn to be challenged, and befriend this to support others to think and work with a similar mindset. But with different perspectives, to dream big and revolutionise what curriculum is and how it operates in the everyday.

How does the Contemporary Curriculum Club operate?

You can be in Bankstown (NSW), Balaclava (Victoria), Banksia Park (SA), Burbank (QLD), Bees Creek (NT), Burswood (WA), Beauty Point (Tas) Belconnen (ACT), and you can still be a part of this club. While we will be physically located in Sydney (Newtown) to host people, you can participate anywhere in the country via video link, which can operate from any laptop or computer.

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