‘Yuura’ – Wiinanga’ The mirror has two faces. An Aboriginal knowledge encounter group with Dr Karen Martin and Anthony Semann

A 5 part online learning space


'Yuura'' meaning 'we see each other' 

'Wiinanga' meaning 'hear this, we've got some important things to share and learn' - in the language of Tjandai - of the Gwandamoopah people. 

Question: What do you get when you paint a cardboard cylinder with earth-coloured paints? 
Answer: A painted cardboard cylinder. 

Question: If you called this painted cardboard cylinder a ‘didjeridoo’, what is it you want young children to learn? 
Answer: Not much really. It might be okay as an art activity, but only just. As an activity that is supposed to build some understanding of Aboriginal cultures, it is even less effective. (Martin, nd)

We all have questions, we all seek guidance, we all want to do good. Here is an opportunity that will support you through this journeying of ideas and practice.

This unique opportunity brings individuals together into a knowledge encounter space to explore a range of critical conversations relating to Aboriginal perspectives and knowledges and their relationship with the early years and the communities they are located in. This is a democratic online space where sharing, encountering and playing with ideas and wisdoms is valued. We will explore a range of topics across our five encounters.

Session 1 : Wednesday 17th August from 10:30am-12pm
Session 2 : Friday 16th September from 9am-10:30am
Session 3 : Wednesday 19th October from 1:30pm - 3pm
Session 4 : Friday 18th November from 11am-12:30pm
Session 5 : Tuesday 13th December from 10am-11:30am

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  • 17 Aug 2022
    5 sessions x 1.5 hours from Aug-Dec 2022
    Session information
    Session 1
    Wed 17 Aug 10:30 AEST - Wed 17 Aug 12:00 AEST
    Session 2
    Fri 16 Sep 09:00 AEST - Fri 16 Sep 10:30 AEST
    Session 3
    Wed 19 Oct 13:30 AEDT - Wed 19 Oct 15:00 AEDT
    Session 4
    Fri 18 Nov 11:00 AEDT - Fri 18 Nov 12:30 AEDT
    Session 5
    Tue 13 Dec 10:00 AEDT - Tue 13 Dec 11:30 AEDT
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