What’s so hard about pedagogical documentation? PART 1: THINKING ABOUT IT!

Presented by Dr Alma Fleet


People worldwide are fascinated by the potential of pedagogical documentation but often are concerned that they are not actually sure what people are talking about when they use the term. This session will give a brief overview of the ideas associated with the concept of pedagogical documentation – including some potential definitions – and then explore some of the areas causing confusion or misunderstanding. Such as the relationship between pedagogical documentation, learning stories or day books, or profile-reporting on children and their work on themes. We will explore ways of getting started and some of the ways people go off track from the pedagogical documentation journey.

Completing What’s so hard about pedagogical documentation? PART 1: THINKING ABOUT IT! may contribute one hour of PD that aligns with the NESA (NSW) criteria for Elective PD and addresses:

The Australian Professionals Standards for Teachers: APST 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Early Years Learning Framework Learning Outcomes: Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

The National Quality Standard: QA 1: Educational program and practice

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