Hogan Leadership Assessment
Coaching clients


Prior to starting a coaching or mentoring program with individual clients, many of our clients request a Hogan Leadership Assessment. This provides a spring board to identify the support they need to assist in overcoming any derailing leadership and management behaviours. The results of the Hogan Leadership Assessments are then used to guide the client through changed behaviour so they, and the teams they support, function at an optimum level.



Keysborough Primary School engaged Semann & Slattery to facilitate a school reform project.  The school’s senior management team received regular executive leadership coaching in conjunction with whole team briefings and a workplace culture analysis. Semann & Slattery used Hogan Assessments as a tool to assess and assist in the recruitment and induction of new school staff.

Waverley Council’s commissioned Semann & Slattery to provide leadership coaching and training for the leaders of their early education centres over six months. Hogan Assessments were completed by each leader as part of the process.

Semann & Slattery was engaged to develop two 12-month professional learning programs for Explore & Develop for owners, nominated supervisors and room leaders. At the start of the program all participants completed Hogan assessments. They each participated in a one-one-one debrief with a member of the Semann & Slattery team to discuss their response to their reports, how the knowledge they gained might impact on their leadership and how they could use it to improve their work performance.

Junaya Family Development Services contracted Semann & Slattery to undertake DISC Advanced Assessments and use the DISC Team Tool to increase their staff team’s understanding of each other and their unique communication styles. Junaya Family Development Services runs early intervention services and a specialised family support service for families of children with learning difficulties or challenging behaviour.

Semann & Slattery used the Strengths Profile (previously known as Realise2) with team leaders from the City of Stonnington’s education and care centres prior to beginning a 12 month group coaching project. Team leaders were provided with an individual debrief prior to the first session, to discuss their response to their profile and how they could make better use of their strengths on a more regular basis in the workplace.