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The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) can be a great thing or a thing of great pain. The choice is yours. We hear often that Directors are left to bring together their QIP and keep it alive.

The QIP is a document to assist educators and leaders alike to create, change and instill passion. However, this takes a systematic approach and an approach fuelled by expectation. Additionally there are many hearsay rumors about what the QIP should look like and this causes pain for many. Let’s dispel those myths and lets be sure we don’t spend months writing a thesis for a document which needs not be so long.

Your centre’s QIP should be a vehicle for change, where centre dreams meet realistic outcomes. Not a chore.

During this workshop you will explore and unpack the following:

  • How do we create a whole team approach to the QIP
  • How can we keep the QIP alive
  • What innovative ways are their to document to QIP
  • How can we use it as a force of action

This workshop is for both leaders and educators in both OSHC and early childhood programs. It is practical in nature and inspirational all at the same time. You will be invited to reimagine your QIP with some amazing and interesting new ways of undertaking the writing and tracking of actions associated with this document. So let’s come with an open mind and a renewed spirit.