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Managing and leading programs and people can be exciting and satisfying however, the stark reality is that there are a number of critical issues that often inhibit the joy of managing and leading. These include having difficult conversations, undertaking staff appraisals, managing performance, providing feedback and managing change. Fear not, whilst these issues can become a rather large dilemma, there is hope on the horizon. During this two day survival skills workshop not only will you learn how to deal with these challenging issues, we will also provide you will the opportunity to practice these skills and the necessary paperwork to undertake these tasks e.g. staff appraisals.

Topics will include:

• How to have difficult conversations with staff
• How to create a culture of accountability
• What are staff appraisals and how to undertake them
• How to manage the paper work and your time effectively
• Caring for yourself as a leader and manager
• Managing performance of staff

The two days will place you in a great position to undertake your role more confidently and effectively. Be ready to be inspired and transformed.