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The outcomes of the EYLF have become a focus of the document rather than one part of the document. So what are you supposed to do with the outcomes of the Framework? Are they to be used to map against the educational program? Do we use them for programming and planning for learning or do we just add them to observations? It is a complicated invitation and one that requires educators to think about how outcomes fit within the planning cycle and the documentation of learning. We don’t want to become victims to a document that is meant to support our teaching and learning. We need to engage with the document and its outcomes in a way that liberates educators. We also need to ensure that engagement with the document is beyond just outcomes.


In this full day program we will:

  • Unpack the use of the EYLF outcomes
  • Understand how the outcomes can be used in documenting learning
  • Explore how the outcomes can serve as a basis for planning
  • Understand that outcomes are not a matching game
  • Engage with the EYLF in ways that honour its intent