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The assessment and rating process can be daunting; it shouldn’t be. People tend to work off here-say rather than facts. It has been argued that the rating and assessment process should be a process of celebrating your practice whilst also providing you with an opportunity to improve. However, this takes an intentional mindset that is based on working with what we know and having a positive outlook. Assessment and rating is not about pleasing the assessor but rather it is about knowing why you do what you do, planning for improvement well in advance and being confident in your setting’s ability to shine on the day.


This workshop is for all staff. It aims to build their skills and confidence in surviving assessment and rating. It is hands on and will provide many opportunities to experience and practice answering assessment and rating questions, which will assist in reflecting on how and why educators do what they do. 

You will walk away from this workshop with the confidence to work through, plan for and shine during your assessment and rating.