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The philosophy of education from Northern Italy has captured the hearts and minds of many educators from around the world, in a vast array of contexts. The ideas from Reggio Emilia are innovative, complex, intriguing and highly inspiring, yet not always easy to grasp and translate into every day practice.


This workshop is an opportunity to explore some of the many layers of this approach, dipping into the guiding principles that underpin the philosophy together with the practical side of how it might look in different contexts.


Participants will have an opportunity to think, share, question, research and wonder as we build knowledge and make meaning as a community of learners.


Key focus areas will be:

  • The importance of the historical and cultural aspects
  • Reflecting on how children learn
  • The pedagogy of listening
  • Making connections to the Australian context- links with EYLF and NQS
  • Building a community of learners-relationships and interaction
  • The hundred languages of expression
  • The role of pedagogical documentation to inform curriculum planning
  • What does it mean to be in research?
  • The role of creativity
  • How the environment operates as the third teacher
  • Long-term projects
  • The rhythm of the day
  • Dispelling myths and misunderstandings