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Is your team feeling at and in need of inspiration, motivation, better collaboration and communication? Have they lost that ‘passion’ for what they are doing? Well this is the training day for you. Your team and the facilitators from Semann & Slattery will spend the day in an exciting location bringing your team together, developing your vision, raising morale, inspiring staff and creating highly motivated educators. As a result, be transformed - ready to be champions for children all day, every day. You won’t find any cheesy ‘trust fall’ games here. Just real strategies to be a highly functioning team with links to practical ideas, strategies and procedures which will embed these practices in your whole team in the one day. Some of the areas we will be covering over the day will be:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Survival simulation

  • Bringing the passion back to your team

  • How are you ‘showing up’ for work

  • One hour fun activity in teams

    We offer this course as a response to need, so feel free to contact our office to secure a date for us to come in, weave our magic and support your team to be amazing (jadore - if you are so inclined to read French). We can then make any tailored changes to the content should this be required.