Managing performance based issues towards success not a disaster – strategies for dealing with staffing issues

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Are you a room leader, centre director or program manager? Do struggle with dealing with performance issues or team dynamics? One of the biggest issues in workplaces is performance management of staff on a day to day basis. No ones really loves to deal with these issues and rarely do people have the skills or training to successfully manage these issues. It may seem easier to sweep these issues under the carpet or pretend they don't exist, however does this really lead to happy resolution. The answer is ‘no’, and the issue still exist. So how might we develop the skills to deal with performance based issues and how can you begin a journey towards being an effective manager of performance and team challenges.

This one day professional learning opportunity is designed with room leaders, directors and managers in mind. Over the day we will explore the following:

  • Understanding the performance cycle
  • Determining and communicating expectations
  • Managing great recruitment and induction processes
  • The reasons for poor performance
  • Managing the performance conversation
  • Setting up accountability and feedback
  • Giving great feedback
  • Setting up expectations of success

Participants will be provided with a set of tools and templates to confidently manage performance in the workplace and feel like they can tackle these issues with confidence and success.