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At a time when families are increasingly busy, and educators have increasing demands on their time, how do we nurture authentic and genuine partnerships with families, communities and each other? How do we also effectively deal with conflict and parent involvement before it goes off the rails?

Quality Area 4 requires us to work collaboratively in our teams, and affirm, challenge, support and learn from each other to further develop our skills and to improve practices and relationships. We are the each other’s most important relationship.    

Quality Area 6 focuses on collaborative relationships with families that are fundamental to achieving high quality outcomes for children and community partnerships based on active communication, consultation and collaboration.

The first contact with families sets the scene. Families have a right to involvement in the goal setting for their children. It is also necessary for us to move out of our centres and into our surrounding communities. For our programs to be most effective for children, we need to include the perspectives of all other stakeholders. For example, local schools have special interest in our transition programs.  Perhaps we don’t need more time to do this, but we definitely need to prioritise our relationships in order for this to happen.

Some of the outcomes from this session will include:

  • How are respectful supportive relationships developed and maintained
  • How to move out of tokenism to more authentic ways of family involvement
  • How to support and respect different values and ideas between staff and families
  • How to work with conflict in a way that doesn't undermine parent – educator relationships