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The life of an infant and toddler requires particular attention. Often much of the conversation regarding early childhood education focuses on children aged over three years of age. And while we can translate this to the under three’s this may not always be the case. So, to re-focus our attention on this engaging age group, we bring to you a full day conference that focuses on the life and experience of an infant and toddler in an early childhood setting.

This conference brings to you inspirational speakers from Australia and New Zealand who will support you in your role working with children under the age of three as they inspire you and your colleagues to offer ‘only the best’ there is.

Understanding the life of an infant and toddler helps educators create spaces, relationships and curriculum which meets the unique needs of this age group. It also ensures that your work is theory based, practical and relevant. This conference ‘Through their eyes’ is a unique opportunity for educators to take some me out to explore their work with infants and toddlers. Our intent is that you walk away inspired to move forward with confidence and knowledge to deliver a sound program to our youngest learners.