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Remember the feeling you had on your first day in your preschool – a feeling of respect and amazement. You knew you were faced with something wonderful and possibly frightening. But still there was a buzz. A buzz about the trust being placed in you and the possibilities that could occur in this special place.

Sometimes the ’buzz’ you felt needs to be re-awakened, rediscovered. That is what this one evening / one day conference is designed to do. To help you re-discover the ‘buzz’. 

FRIDAY EVENING: Preschool education in 2018 and beyond: What will matter and what might we do about it? – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ALMA FLEET


SATURDAY Conference


LISA BRYANT will facilitate a panel showcasing practice, featuring Victorian practitioners:

SUSIE ROSBACK (caring for staff) MARTEL MENZ (caring for self) DOUG FARGHER (caring for children)

Activity heavy: content light – making curriculum matter – ANTHONY SEMANN

Teaching maths in the everyday – JANET ROBERTSON

Teaching in the outdoors: lessons to be learnt from Australia’s first bush kinder – DOUG FARGHER

Wet Felt as a creative medium for young children – MAREE CONROY

Caring for staff and care of self: Self neglect not an option – ELOISE KING

Behaviour is communication: Dig deeper – REBECCA THOMPSON

Your mother does not work here, please put your cup in the dishwasher! – ANTHONY SEMANN & WENDY SHEPHERD

Re-discovering the buzz: looking at some X factors (experience; expectations; praxis; contexts) – ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR KAREN MARTIN