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Whether it’s in the job description or not, service leaders and educators often find themselves in situations where they are dealing with co-workers who are facing personal difficulties in their everyday lives. If these types of conversations are not carefully managed, their personal difficulties can easily become yours. 

Do you find it difficult to listen but not get pulled into other people’s dramas? Is it challenging to be supportive, yet still maintain professional boundaries and preserve relationships? If so, this course is for you! 

During this highly engaging course we will unpack the broader issues that need to be considered when supporting staff experiencing difficulties. You will learn a set of strategies and techniques that will enable you to effectively and confidently provide support to others while maintaining professional boundaries. 

 This workshop is an opportunity to develop skills relating to:

  • Understand your scope of practice – What is it we are here to do? What is our role?
  • Understanding the implications of some information – legal rights and responsibilities (including maintaining documentation)
  • Dealing with disclosures – Confidentiality and beyond 

  • Active listening and communicating with influence
  • Working within a solution focused framework

  • Utilising key components of positive psychology frameworks to maintain your own and other’s wellbeing

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Outline the context for accidental counselling and apply it to your workplace
  • Describe and demonstrate an understanding response to staff who experience distress
  • Identify and establish boundaries to increase effectiveness and improve wellbeing
  • Describe and leverage your strengths to use within an accidental counselling conversation with others


The Australian Professional Teaching Standards

NSW: Completing this course – Accidental Counselling with a Twist will contribute 6 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing: APTS 6.2.2 the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Other States: Completing this course – Accidental Counselling with a Twist (6 hours) may be used as Teacher Identified Professional Development/Learning addressing: APTS 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

  • APTS 6.2.2: Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities

The National Quality Standard

This workshop aligns with:

  • QA 6.1: Respectful and supportive relationships with families are developed and maintained
  • QA 6.2.2: Families are supported in their parenting role and their values and beliefs about childrearing are respected
  • QA 7.1: Effective leadership promotes a positive organisational culture and builds a professional learning community