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As educators we  talk to parents about their lives, and their children. Sometimes it falls on educators to give parents feedback that is hard for them to hear. Because we are often anxious about upsetting parents or causing a rift in our relationship, many of us  find these situations uncomfortable and difficult. This means that important issues such as child development, child safety and parent-child relationships may not be addressed in a timely and transparent way.

This professional learning session draws together a range of approaches to conversations about ‘the Hard Stuff’.  On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine the readiness of parents to hear feedback
  • Demonstrate the most appropriate way to approach parents
  • Use language that ensures the parent is in the best position to hear what we have to say
  • Generate a script as a strategy to prepare for a conversation
  • Utilise strategies to manage any potential fallout