• Tue 17 Nov 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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    Leadership Immersion (Workshop offered over two consecutive days)
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Are you a nominated supervisor, room leader or program manager? If so this program is designed and tailored for you. Leadership is a complex phenomenon. Leaders are expected to motivate their teams, set a vision for the future, deal with conflict, and assist people become the best they can be. This gives insight into perhaps why leaders can feel drained, tired and disillusioned. However, on the flip side leaders can create a workplace culture that nourishes both their colleagues and themselves without feeling the pain usually experienced by leaders. Finding a space and time to reflect and connect with other leaders in a safe and understanding space will be a goal of this two-day program where both experiential and collaborative learning will take place. As part of this unique professional learning offering, each leader will be provided with an opportunity to complete a leadership assessment profile prior to attending, which will be used during the program but also assist them well into the future.

On completion of this workshop you will bring a deeper understanding of planning and teaching to your educational practice, being able to:

At the end of our time together you will have;

  • Developed the skills to lead with confidence
  • Understand how to care for yourself while attending to the needs of others
  • Developed a deeper understanding of your own leadership style through the use of a leadership assessment tool
  • Understand and experience the power of mindful leadership