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Consider this quote ‘You cannot have a positive life in a negative mind’?

Do you ever feel like you are focusing on the negative in people and your role more than you want to? Do you think that work would be easier if only you could focus more on the positive rather than the negative? The reality is that we all need to lead as well we manage issues as they arise and we cannot avoid dealing with the tough stuff. However, the research from a positive psychology suggests that there is untapped potential awaiting us if we move from problem focused to solution focused approach. But how do we get to this place if all we can see around us is problems and issues? Could this really be possible?

In this full-day workshop we will explore the power of solution focused coaching in early education settings. Topics covered during the course include:

  • Developing an understanding of what coaching is as it applies to the sector
  • Identify why people won’t change and what to do to help them
  • Understanding the power of short term wins to unleash motivation within your team
  • Using solution focused approaches to make sure things work

Upon completion of this course, you will have a suite of tools and techniques that you will be able to effectively apply in your everyday practice as an early childhood practitioner.