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Do you feel that your planning time is wasted on filling in boxes, or perhaps your system doesn’t truly represent or do justice to the every day life of the classroom, both indoors and out?

Planning time is precious, so it is crucial that systems are in place that are effective and support the philosophical approach to teaching and learning.

What system for planning and corresponding environments befits the beliefs that you have about children and the way in which they learn?

This session will:

  • Combine theory together with a practical element, to reflect on and further develop ideas of how to best support our intentions for children.
  • Be an opportunity to dispel myths, work through solutions to challenges and actively engage in planning possibilities that support an engaging curriculum for all
  • Explore the process of planning which combines wonder, listening, documenting and reflecting as teams
  • Empower educators to become better observers and curriculum developers, drawing on the ideas and interests of children together with what  we believe is important for children to know and experience
  • Inspire participants with new thinking and ideas about the connection between planning and welcoming, generative and responsive environments for children and families
  • Provide opportunities for the sharing of ideas and thinking as a community of learners