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In 2018 the Creating Beautiful Spaces Conference toured Australia to a sell-out crowd. In response to endless emails requesting the return of this conference, we have decided to offer it again in 2020.  The same presenters but NEW TOPICS and NEW PRESENTATIONS.

We have come to understand the power spaces and places play in our daily lives. They can lift the human spirit and can evoke particular emotions. These spaces and places are also guardians of our identity. The spaces we find ourselves in must be created with thought, care and intentionality, this includes both the indoors and the outdoors. With this in mind, how might we create beautiful places and spaces for children and adults in early education sites? This conference will provoke your thinking, inspire you to become an ambassador for your environment and provide you with the information needed to become a catalyst for change. 

A day spent swimming in beautiful stories, hearing amazing speakers and being engulfed in images that will nourish your life and revive your spirit. Could there be anything better than this? 

Anthony Semann - Beautiful Spaces: joy makers or joy killers

Dr Claire Warden - Beauty in Distortion: nature and perfection

Janet Robertson - Aesthetic Attunement: everything matters

Dr Stefania Giamminuti - The Value of Artistry and an Ethic of Design: Beautiful Encounters in Reggio Emilia and Australia

Kirsty Liljegren - What if..? Daring to Think Differently about Environments and Spaces for Young Children



This course aligns with:

QA 1: Educational program and practice

QA 3: Physical environment