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Learning walks and talks was a process developed by Dr Lyn Sharratt in her desire to improve outcomes for children while acknowledging this begins by improving the teaching that is taking place. Learning walks and talks is a transformative process of improving how educators go about their daily work. Learning walks and talks attempt to address a range of questions, including:  

  • How do we build collective capacity?
  • How do we build a culture of collaboration?
  • What does a culture of learning look like? 

Learning walks and talks should be a daily practice which builds the pedagogical skills of education staff, while also improving a culture of assessment. Its central aim is to have a high impact on practice and working towards achieving this in every room. It is a non-judgmental approach that promotes growth.  

In this presentation, participants will be coached through the Learning Walks and Talks approach. This presentation is for centre managers, room leaders and educational leaders.