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Let's launch into educational leadership. In this practical session, we will cover issues directly linked with the role of the educational leader and how this role can become a positive experience for both the educational leader and the educators they lead.  Regardless if you have been the educational leader for some time, are new to the role, or preparing for taking up an educational leader position, this professional learning course is for you. An effective educational leader can inspire their teams into new realms of pedagogy and practice. 

Participants will leave this session with a greater knowledge of:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the educational leader
  • How to develop and achieve both individual goals and team goals
  • The importance of developing a team culture based on relationships and trust
  • Supporting teams through pedagogical change 
  • How to shift the practices towards a sound evidence base


This course aligns with:

  • QA 1: Educational program and practice
  • QA 4.2.1: Professional collaboration
  • QA 7: Governance and leadership