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Teams are complex. Both in bringing together the right team and also to ensure that the team of your dreams is sustained. Dreaming of the ideal team is part of this equation - making this happen is another. What do we know about what makes for a great team? How do we translate this theory into practice? Assessing where your team is now is part of the journey - planning for the future is another.  In this full-day session, we will explore the evidence relating to teamwork as well as planning a positive and bright future for your team. All teams inevitably experience challenges, but these challenges can become opportunities for growth rather than an experience to run away from.   

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Articulate your understanding of what makes for a great team
  • Develop a plan for your team’s success
  • Develop and implement strategies for dealing with some of the tough stuff
  • Discuss with colleagues what processes are essential in facilitating great teams 
  • Identify how to turn a dream into reality