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“It is literally neurobiologically impossible to think deeply about things you don’t care about.” M. Immordino-Yang 


Children of today are living in an increasingly global world that is navigating complex questions around climate change, natural disasters, and matters of social justice. Many teams have been contemplating what their potential role is as early childhood professionals in responding to this changing world. Children notice, think and care about these issues, but how to respond is not simple, but worth contemplating as part of our responsibility.


This workshop is designed to delve deeply into some of these big ideas, questions, research and practice to bring clarity to the ‘how’.   


If we believe something is worth experiencing and understanding for children, what opportunities can be created for authentic learning and mastery?


How do we ensure that we find a balance for joyful learning while building on the children’s curiosities about the world they are making sense of?


Upon completion of this workshop, you will have a stronger sense of your image of the child, the child as a citizen of now and of the future that is developing a sense of ecological identity, and be able to:

  • Create a meaningful curriculum that enhances and develops dispositions, attitudes and skills in order for children to participate in society 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what we mean by young children as citizens and its impact on practice. 
  • See the value in creating opportunities for children to inquire into big ideas. 
  • Create environments for children that invite exploration, discovery and research through playful inquiry
  • Embed sustainable thinking dispositions and practice amongst the team and children in an authentic and meaningful way. 
  • Be equipped to optimise opportunities in your local community to connect and make a difference
  • Utilise documentation to invite dialogue in the community about the values you wish to communicate and embed